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Taylor, Katherine, 1908-2014

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Taylor, Katherine, 1908-2014

Message par N_Huard le Ven 06 Fév 2015, 13:05

Katherine Taylor Lewis, age 106, passed away peacefully on July 25, 2014, in Conway, Arkansas. Born in Logan, Utah, on March 19, 1908, she was raised in Centerville, Utah, and then Salt Lake City. Her parents were Frank Young Taylor and Alice Neff Taylor, both children of Utah's early Mormon pioneers. Katherine's grandfather was John Taylor, the third president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Born into a family with a rich pioneer heritage, she lived a life characterized by a tradition of sacrifice and devotion to family and church. She had a desire to excel in all she did as she exemplified a life of kindness, hard work, service to others, and living the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Katherine married William Sperry Lewis, Sr., in August 1929. After they both graduated from Brigham Young University, they moved to Los Angeles, California, to begin their new life together. Katherine taught drama and English in the Los Angeles School District for 38 years. What fond memories her children and former students have of the stage productions that she directed at Luther Burbank Jr. High School. She loved teaching, each student was important in her eyes, and she sought to bring out the best within them. Years later, long after her students had graduated, she would receive notes of appreciation for the important influence she had been in their lives. Her children also have rich memories of gathering around the dinner table with delicious meals she had prepared, hiking and fishing in the High Sierras, attending the theater, and enjoying family and friends. Not only was family most important to her, she also helped her children understand the importance of family as each grandchild brought into the family circle felt her love and acceptance. Her children were blessed to see the love she and her husband had for each other and to feel the security that their relationship brought into their lives.
In the 1960s, Katherine and her husband, Bill, moved to Palm Desert, California, where they enjoyed their retirement years together as they traveled, golfed, and discovered the beauty of the desert. A central part of those years was the dedication and joy they found in serving in their church. After Bill passed away in 1985, Katherine continued to make the desert her home. She walked 3 to 4 miles daily while in her 80s and tended her strawberries and grapefruit trees, which she generously shared with others. At the age of 78, she was asked to be president of her church's Primary organization, making her responsible for about 100 children, a role that she stepped into with enthusiasm and dedication.
In 1999, Katherine moved to Conway to be close to her daughter and family. She made this move from her home, friends, and church family with grace and dignity. She resided at Trillium Park for twelve years until it became necessary for her to move to a nursing facility, Heritage Living Center. There she was lovingly cared for, and her family will always be deeply appreciative of the kindness she was shown.
Her surviving loved ones include her children, William Sperry Lewis, Jr. (Jo Ann) of Del Mar, California; John Taylor Lewis (Ellen) of Mesquite, Nevada; and Jane Kay Lewis Sharp (Ron) of Conway, along with 12 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren.

A family memorial service will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a graveside service at Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.

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